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Carl Johnston,  Pastor
Atlanta United Methodist Church
Part of the Prairie Winds Parish
Pastor’s Email:
Cell: 618-614-0658

Atlanta Services:  Saturday Lifeline Service 5:00 pm   Sunday Service  8:00 am
9:00 am Fellowship Time 9:30  am Sunday School

Welcome to the Atlanta United Methodist Church Web site.

We are witnesses to what Jesus Christ will do in our lives.  Jesus is what we need more than bread, or shelter, or food.

If you are lonely, hurting, filled with sorrow, or dying inside or out, we know Jesus is the answer to all your needs too.  Come and find out the difference in your life that Jesus will make in You.   Jesus makes us whole, and his promise for us is to live our life abundantly.  It is with Jesus that we truly know Joy in our lives.

Jesus formed the church to be the Body of Christ, active and working in the world for good.

Atlanta United Methodist Church provides good worship, warm fellowship, are outwardly focused, and have many missions to feed to bless the poor and disadvantaged.  We work with the poor to be in a relationship with them and find ways to tell the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for fellowship and a chance to make a real difference in this world, and touch some lives with Jesus, come and see the difference you can make with other brothers and sisters of Atlanta  United Methodist Church.

God bless us all!

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